Cabell Huntington Hospital Takes Part in Westmorlapalooza

What combines the thrill of competition with food, friends, and fun? The answer is Westmorlapalooza! Cabell Huntington Hospital is sponsoring the event in order to continue bringing joy to the community. Located in the Westmoreland neighborhood of Huntington, West Virginia, Westmorlapalooza is an annual festival that strengthens the community as a whole. Overall, more than $32,000 has been raised to help fund multiple programs for many different families and children to participate in. In addition, the festival helps strengthen old relationships and build new ones through teamwork and active participation.

Westmorlapalooza has many different activities for people of all ages!

Along with live music, silent auctions, and great food, the main attraction is the dodgeball tournaments. Whether you’re a child who just wants to play or an adult who wants to win the grand prize, Westmorlapalooza provides a memorable experience for everyone. This activity includes events like Kids Palooza, The Outdoor Caged Dodgeball Tournament, and The Palooza $2000 All-Star Game Skills Competition.

Bradley Burck, Vice President of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation, is very excited for the upcoming event as well. He said, “Westmorlapalooza is one of the reasons Huntington, West Virginia is becoming one of the coolest places to live! It is one of the most exciting events I go to each year. It is like professional wrestling, MMA, kickball, and professional soccer all wrapped up into one exciting event. Come. You will love it!”

Westmorlapalooza takes place in Westmoreland Park in Huntington, WV from July 12th through the 14th. Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss all of the fun! For more information on this event, please visit or their Facebook page.

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