The Rewards of Walking- Join Greater Huntington Walks

Are you a seasoned walker who knows every path around town and every neighborhood dog? Or are you a walking novice who longs to reap the healthy benefits of exercise but just needs the extra push to get started? No matter what group you belong to you can be part of the Greater Huntington Walks movement. All you need to get started is a pedometer and access to a computer or smartphone. Hint – if you have a smart phone you probably already have a pedometer in your pocket!

Greater Huntington Walks- Rewards of WalkingTo register, go to Greater Huntington Walks.

Log in to the website on a computer or download the Walker Tracker app to your smartphone to see how many steps you’ve walked each day. You can join groups with other walkers, find friends, and join fun challenges. The app also transfers other activities into steps so don’t forget to log that bike ride or kayaking trip!

Registered walkers are eligible to win prizes. Winners are selected often and there’s no fee to enter the random drawing. You can win anything from restaurant gift cards to gym memberships and more just by walking!

You can be part of improving the Huntington area by showing people that we value our health and the betterment of our community.

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