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Vice President Foundation Bradley BurckYou have been hearing me on the Legacy Minute on WALK FM talking about the importance of estate planning, wills, gift annuities, donating property, and giving from your IRA, for the last couple of weeks.

Thanks for listening!  I pray you are blessed by what I have shared.  I also hope God has prompted you to start thinking about your legacy.

My passion and my heart is to see people plan their future and leave a legacy for their family and community that honors their life and values and brings glory to God. If you don’t have a will in place, please call me?  My services are free.  This is a service we offer to the community to help you start planning for the future.

My phone number is 304.526.2658 or you can email me so we can talk about what you want to plan for your legacy.

The following are some documents I would like for you to have:

  • Estate Planning Resource Guide – This helpful Resource Guide will walk you through a process to help make you aware of the various issues involved in estate planning. Our goal: to make you comfortable with the concepts as you transfer your estate to your favorite individuals and charitable beneficiaries with the least possible cost and delay.
  • Estate Inventory Form – This form can be completed and shared with your Legal Counsel or Financial Advisor regarding final wishes in relation to your estate. You can also give a copy of it to the executor of your estate so that he/she will know what assets you have and where they are located.
  • My Final Wishes – This booklet is a documented account in terms of what should happen those first few days after you have passed away. It’s comprehensive! Your loved ones will be grateful that you have taken time to provide them with helpful instruction.

Please feel free to call or email our team at any time so we can mail you these documents  and, if you would like, set up a confidential consult.

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You are invited to visit our Estate Planning page and look at the additional articles and downloads we have available.