The following are a number of the larger projects for which we are raising money. The list of things needing done for each is long and detailed and grows daily as gifts come in to fund them. If you have a heart and passion to see something done to improve health care and you want to give toward it, let us know. We can help you see your idea come to life.

Hoops Family Children’s Hospital

Hoops Family Children's HospitalThe need for a Children’s Hospital in Central Appalachia is a growing awareness that many are beginning to see would serve as a vital part of this region. We have found that children’s delicate bodies are far more different from an average adult. Actually they are so different they require a vast array of specialized knowledge and equipment for medical care, and they vary so much from an adult’s body that children can even contract diseases that adults cannot fully comprehend. With all of this in mind, there is now a place where your children can be safe and receive the medical attention they deserve, at the newly added Hoops Family Children’s Hospital. Here there is a round-the-clock team of specialized pediatric physicians who will give the best known medical attention to your child.  You can help with the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  The I’m On Board Campaign was designed specifically to help build it.

Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center

helping people fighting cancerIn 2006 the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center (ECCC) opened as a gift from Joan C. Edwards. It is not only connected through a building but also with a successful relationship with Cabell Huntington Hospital and Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine in Huntington, WV. This relationship provides the surrounding area and community with qualified and caring physicians and other cancer care-related staff with a state-of-the-art facility and treatment. With three floors and 70,000 square feet, it includes an adult oncology center with infusion stations, exam rooms, consultation rooms, minor procedure rooms, a diagnostic breast center and physician offices, as well as the Joan C. Edwards Children’s Cancer Clinic, which includes the children’s oncology/hematology treatment center with infusion stations, pediatric oncology clinics and physician offices.  You can help fight cancer by being part of our annual Colors of Cancer 5k Race and Walk or by simply giving a special gift to our Samaritan Fund which helps families who have to travel to get their care.

Huntington’s Kitchen

Healthy Huntington KitchenWith the ongoing battle of childhood and adult obesity epidemic in Huntington climbing every year, something had to be done to help the citizens of this community raise awareness about the fight against obesity. And thanks to the help and a push from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Huntington’s Kitchen was created in the process. This is much more than just an ordinary kitchen; this remarkable facility is a meeting place for the community of Huntington to experience and learn about ways to prepare and cultivate healthy meals that promote a cleaner lifestyle. The building houses up to 12 students and is a perfect place for the community to host cooking classes, meetings, and any other food-related activities. The kitchen can serve at times as a community health center, which offers a variety of services like health screens for early disease detection.

Child Life Program

Child Life Services at Hoops ChildrenIn 2012, the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital hired its first certified child life specialist. At the present time, there are only five certified child life specialists working in the state of West Virginia and only one in this region and tri-state area. A well-established internship program can expect to receive many student applications and some from stellar students. A top student may expect to receive several internship offers. It is our goal to create a child life internship program that is not only the second program of its kind offered in this state, and the first in this region, but also a program known for academic and clinical excellence.

Other Projects

The following are a number of projects we are actively involved in to raise money to help kids in the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital, adults fighting cancer and to see the staff at the Hospital grow and improve.

  • Blankets for Children
  • Gift of Life
  • Good Samaritan Fund (Cancer Center)
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Scholarship
  • Toys for Children
  • Zaine’s Room

Give Today

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