Overcoming the Discomfort of Dialysis…

Mountain Health Network is working to help patients who struggle with the challenges posed by one common procedure:  DIALYSIS.  Patients know how taxing it can be to adjust regular clothing to gain access to the tubing of a dialysis machine.  How uncomfortable it is to lie or sit for hours while undergoing these blood filtering treatments.  And how COLD and uncomfortable their bodies feel during the procedure.  Generally, each hemodialysis treatment lasts approximately four hours and is received three times per week. A type of hemodialysis called high-flux dialysis may take less time, but you can understand the challenges – and discomfort – of undergoing these procedures several times each week! 

This is why we have launched a special project to provide patients with specially-made shirts and sweatshirts designed to alleviate these discomforts.  “Hemo” shirts are designed with zippered “access ports” in the long sleeves of both arms.  They provide ease of access to patients’ dialysis ports AND allow the patient to sit or lie in style, comfort, warmth, and dignity when they receive dialysis treatments.

One patient said recently, “This is the best medical specific clothing I have ever worn.  It made the whole process easier, and I was actually comfortable for once!”

Most new dialysis patients do not discover the discomforts that go along with treatments until AFTER they have undergone their first session.  This discovery can bring on anxiety and dread towards their future treatments.  But imagine if we could provide these patients with a “Hemo” hoodie or sweatshirt BEFORE their initial treatment – making this taxing procedure as comfortable as possible and removing the anxiety, discomfort and indignity that so often goes with it.

Please consider contributing toward this special project to provide comfortable and functional “Hemo” shirts for dialysis patient.  You may give online by clicking here and using the dropdown to select your gift for the “HEMO Shirt Project”.  Your special gift of $75 will provide one shirt for a child or an adult.

Thank you for considering the comfort and dignity of Mountain Health Network’s dialysis patients!  Your gift is appreciated!