Mountain Games 2018

Great Team, Family and Friend Building Event

You can register for the games online at our Mountain Games site!

Bring your team to Mountain GamesMountain Games 2018 is almost here!  As the summer heat is seeing no end in sight, people from all walks of life are preparing for another year of competition, old fashioned mountain living, team building and fun for the whole family. This year’s Mountain Games will take place Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Heritage Farm and Village in Huntington, WV. There are new events, games and even tasty treats making this an event no one will want to miss!

Walk a Steel Beam at Mountain GamesEach year there are new and exciting elements to the Mountain Games and this year is no exception. Joining the other games that have become competitor favorites such as the Obstacle Course, Shelter Builder and Dead Eye Shoot just to name a few, this year there will be a total of 14 games for competitors to choose from. New games for 2018 include: Stock the Wagon (Competitors will be judged not only on what all they can fit in the wagon, but how well they can pack it), Pitchfork Throw (Throw your longest and best throw of a pitchfork catapulting into a hay bale), Wool Sack Run (Collect the harvest and see how fast you can get it to safe keeping), and the Buffalo Heart Trail Run (A 5k run that’s score will be added into your overall Mountain Games score as a game).

Test your bow and arrow skillsBradley Burck, Vice President of the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation said this is an event for everyone!  “Every year the games get better. This year there are 14 events. Your strategy going into the games should be to pick the 8 you think you can do the best in. This evens the playing field a bit between competitors. If you’re not super-fast, just skip the running games and focus on the skill games like shooting and heavy throw. If you’re fast, do all the running games. The goal is to score as many points as you can in eight competitions. The competitor with the most points at the end of eight events wins the trophy,” said Burck.

Mountain Games is a great opportunity to help raise funds for the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital but also to bring a team, company and group together. What better way to celebrate not only Appalachian heritage but also working together, using everyone’s various strengths for a common goal of being the Mountain Team. You are challenged to get your office, group of friends, church group, etc. together and aim to be the Mountain Team!

“The games are for everyone! We have had people in their 80s, young kids, and everyone in between out there doing these things. This year the focus is on teams. Come out and bring your family. Do the events as a team and cheer each other on. Sometimes just the act of trying together is enough to bring people closer,” said Burck.

Cook-off at Mountain GamesNew for 2018 is the Cast Iron Cook-off. Competitors are challenged to come and bring their best cast iron recipe to the table as they aim to claim the prize of Cast Iron Cook-off Champion. Competitors will create samples for both the judges and the public to sample and cast their vote. Individuals attending Mountain Games will be able to purchase votes to name the “People’s Choice” and proceeds from the votes will also go to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital, the fundraiser for which Mountain Games benefits.

Mountain Games 2018 is Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 10am-4pm at Heritage Farm in Huntington, WV. Registration is now open and available for all for these events. To find out more information about how to participate and about the event visit the Mountain Games: Claim Your Heritage website or call Velma Workman at 304.526.6314.