Become the Champion of the Mario Kart Cup on August 9th!

Mario Kart Cup LogoRacers of all ages now have the chance to challenge other players in order to become the Mario Kart Champion of Huntington! For a participation fee of $5, you can join in our tournament and play the beloved game of Mario Kart. And as is if that’s not enough, we will also be providing donuts from Huntington’s “Donut Connection” to keep our racers fueled!

All of the money will be donated to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital for future projects.

The contest will include different types of video game consoles that will satisfy the old-school and millennia! This includes consoles such as GameCube and Wii. Each participant will have a chance to play in three races against three other opponents during each round. We guarantee that everyone who signs up gets the chance to play at least three games. The racers’ individual scores will be tallied up and the average will be taken. Whoever gets the highest average score will continue on to the next round. The last player who is left standing wins the tournament and becomes the Mario Kart Cup Champion! The grand prize is a large trophy that the winner will be able to claim for their victory.

The Mario Kart Cup will take place on August 9th at 10am and will be located at Ohio Valley Bank in Barboursville, West Virginia.

Game controllers will be provided, so just bring your racing skills with you!  We hope that you are ready for the challenge, so on your mark, get set, go!