Prepare for the Mario Kart Cup on August 9th!

Mario Kart Cup - Wii GameAre you ready to challenge your opponents and win the Mario Kart Cup? In order to become better prepared, be sure to play Mario Kart while you are at home! At the tournament, each racer will be playing on a Wii console in order to battle for the trophy.

The game that will be played is the standard Mario Kart game for the Wii. Controllers will be provided, so just bring your game face! If you end up being eliminated from the tournament, do not worry. We will also be setting up a free-play game that will be on a GameCube console for racers to enjoy.

The Mario Kart Cup will still be at Ohio Valley Bank in Barboursville, West Virginia at 10AM on August 9th.

Ohio Valley Bank is located at 6431 US-60, Barboursville, WV 25504.

We look forward to your participation and watching you battle your way to victory!