Join the I CARE Team!

You are invited to join the I CARE Team- a special group of people with a passion to serve, help and improve life!

When you join the I CARE Team with a gift of $19 a month you will be joining a group of people focused on one thing- helping people who need it the most! When you give to the program your money can go directly to help with any of the following things and you pick where it is directed:

Hoops Family Children’s Hospital– Help make the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital the best facility possible so children and families in this region can get the treatment and care they need to thrive!

Cancer Patients– Sometimes cancer patients need a little helping hand and encouragement to get through their treatment. Now you can be the one that helps them along.

Neonatal Therapeutic Unit (NTU)- Newborns experiencing neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), which is a group of problems that occur in newborns exposed to addictive drugs, are treated and admitted to the Neonatal Therapeutic Unit (NTU). They receive the most quiet, supportive setting available with highly trained staff providing the specialized and complex care that they need to recover and thrive.

Good Samaritan Fund for Hospital Patients– There are patients at Cabell Huntington Hospital that need your help RIGHT NOW! Support the Good Samaritan Fund and help provide patients things like gas cards to get to and from appointments, a hot meal for their family while their loved one receives treatment, etc.

Child Advocacy Center (CAC)- Our Child Advocacy Center (CAC) provides one safe, child-friendly facility where child protection, criminal justice, and child treatment professionals work together to investigate abuse, and help children heal. Your help in this area will allow abused children to shine.

Nutrition and Health Education– Huntington’s Kitchen is a program for people in the community to gather to learn to cook with fresh, wholesome ingredients and the input and assistance from trained nutritionists and medical professionals.

Dialysis Patients– Help provide acute and chronic dialysis services to patients throughout the Tri-State area through the Dr. Shaffer Clark Dialysis Patient Fund. Help address the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of care for our dialysis patients and their families.

Twelve monthly gifts have twelve times the impact! Our staff works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to care for our patients. Though your gift, you can help us reach the next milestone creating an impact on lives of our patients and members of your community! Follow the link below and join today!!

Join the I CARE Team