Hoops for Hoops – 3 on 3 Rules

Register today for the 3rd Annual Hoops for Hoops 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament presented by Huntington Bank on April 14, 2018 at St. Joe’s Catholic School Gyms. New this year will be the student/ youth competition taking place Sunday, April 15, 2018 at the Huntington YMCA.

Bring your game… This tournament is going to be good fun for everyone involved. Come win some games, have some laughs, and play some ball!

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3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Game Rules and Regulations

Team Eligibility

  1. National Federation of State High School Association basketball rules will serve as the basis for all situations not specified below.
  2. Each team shall designate a team name that must be tasteful and appropriate. Name will be reviewed by the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Committee and may be asked to be renamed.
  3. Each team must have a minimum of three (3) players, a maximum of five (5), on their rosters and be registered as a team by the deadline.
  4. Roster changes WILL NOT be allowed after roster have been submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. All fees must be paid in full before a team may compete.
  6. Team dropping out of the tournament after registration has been received will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. A player may only appear on one roster. Teams playing with a member not on the original roster will be automatically disqualified.
  8. This is a double elimination with the winner of the consolation bracket earning the right to work its way back into the winner’s bracket.
  9. Each team is guaranteed to play at least two (2) games in the tournament.
  10. The tournament will be played rain or shine; there will be no rain date.  However, in the event of severe weather (thunder, etc…), the 3-on-3 Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten the tournament, move the tournament indoors/outdoors or cancel the event in which case ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.
  1. There will be two divisions: Adult Division (19 and older) and a Student Division (up to 18).
  2. Players information MAY be verified for accuracy. Teams using illegal players or false information will be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. No alcohol and/or tobacco products will be allowed for consumption or use on site by participants or fans. Violations will result in elimination from competition and/or removal from premises.
  4. The age of the player is determined as of the tournament date.

Apparel and Jewelry

  1. No shirts versus skins.
  2. Teams with offensive, inappropriate, explicit or distasteful words and/or logos on their uniforms will be asked to remove/reverse their uniforms. The court monitors will enforce this rulae and all decisions are final.
  3. Equipment representing possible hazards to participants will not be permitted to be worn. Elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm guard, cast or brace made out of hard and unyielding leather, plastic, pliable (soft) plastic, metal or any other hard substance even though covered with soft padding is illegal. Knee braces will be permitted if padded, no metal may be exposed.
  4. Players may not wear jewelry.
  5. Failure to remove such equipment when asked to do so will result in that specific player not being allowed to participate until the equipment is removed.


  1. All games must start with two (2) players.
  2. Only those teams scheduled to play will be allowed to occupy the court at scheduled times.
  3. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time, even if games are running late on the court.
  4. Game time is forfeit time, regardless if the tournament is “running behind”. It is highly recommended that you arrive at your assigned court 15 minutes before your game starts and remain there as a team.
  5. All efforts will be made to stay on time, however some delays are inevitable.
  6. Before each game, if time permits, there will be a five (5) minutes time period for both teams to warm up on the court.
  7. Both teams will warm-up on the same court at the same time.
  8. A coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball out-of-bounds first.
  9. Teams on the top bracket of their game will call the flip.


  1. The game is half-court, and thus normal boundaries are played on all three sides. The fourth side will be the mid-court line. A ball passing over the mid-court line will be considered to be out of bounds and awarded to the other team.
  2. The bottom and sides of the backboard are in play; however, the top and back of the backboard and the support structure of the basket are not in play.
  3. The boundaries for each court are marked by the paint stripe. If you are not certain where the precise boundaries are in your court, check with the court monitor prior to beginning the game.
  4. Any questions concerning game rules should be taken up with the court monitor in charge of your court, prior to the start of the game.
  5. The court monitor will start each game for that specific court and report the final score to tournament officials.
  6. Court scorekeepers will keep the official score of the game.

Participant and Spectator Conduct

  1. The team captain is the sole spokesperson for his/her team.
  2. Only team captains may represent the team in the case of disagreements.
  3. If players on the team, parents and/or other spectators of a team exhibit threatening or improper behavior OR use inappropriate language towards a court monitor, a player or another spectator the teams involved in the game risk(s) disqualification by the court monitor and/or a member of the Tournament Committee. Individuals in violation of this rule will be asked to leave the tournament premises.
  4. Unnecessary Roughness –Disqualifications for excessive roughness are left to the court monitor and/or a member of the Tournament Committee.
  5. Both Teams will be penalized for rough play with possible individual or team elimination from further participation if circumstances warrant.
  6. Players can call their own fouls. Disagreements will be decided by the court monitor.

Possession Rules

During Play and During Time Outs

  1. The ball will change possession after each scored basket.
  2. There is no “make it, take it.”
  3. After a made basket, time-out, foul call, or other stoppage in play. The ball must be “Checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play, a.k.a dead ball.
  4. To “check” a ball the offensive player must pass the ball to the defending player, and the defending player will pass the ball back.
  5. The ball MUST be checked-in and passed (not dribbled) at the top of the court, to begin play.
  6. The ball must be “taken back” on each change of possession.
  7. Failure to properly “check” a ball will result in loss of possession.
  8. The “take-back line” is the (3) three-point line on all courts.
  9. “Taking-it-back” means BOTH FEET and the BALL must be behind the “take-back line” at the same time.
  10. Failure to “take-it-back” will result in loss of possession and any point if scored.
  11. Jump balls will rotates based on 1st
  12. Unlimited substitution is permitted.
  13. Substitutions may be made when the ball is not in play and after baskets and ONLY during these dead ball times.
  14. Any player who is bleeding must be substituted for until bleeding stops. The court monitor has the authority to remove the player.
  15. If by removing the player who is bleeding the team falls below the minimum number necessary to play (3 players) the following will apply:
    1. The game clock will stop and a maximum of five minutes will be allowed for the player to stop the bleeding. The court monitor must approve the player to re-enter. If the bleeding is not stopped within the allotted five minutes the team will forfeit the game.
    2. The time allowance is only for player who are bleeding and the team cannot continue to play without them.

Scoring and Game Time

  1. Each game will last until a team reaches 21 points, winning by two (2) or three (3) points.
  2. Each court will have a designated court monitor and Court Score Keeper supplied with a stop watch to time each game.
  3. Each court monitor has the discretion to provide one warning before calling a team for stalling and if this call is made, the ball is awarded to the other team.
  4. A field goal is worth 2 points.
  5. A successful goal from behind the “take back” line is worth (3) points. The player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating the attempt.
  6. Each Team will be given two (2) 45-second time-outs.


  1. All fouls and violations will be called by the player’s participation. Cooperation and fair play is expected.
  2. In the case of a defensive foul, the offensive player fouled shall make the call, and ONLY that player.
  3. In the case of a offensive foul, the defensive player fouled shall make the call, and ONLY that player.
  4. The player’s foul and violation calls are considered final.
  5. The court monitors will keep track of team fouls.

Court Monitors

  1. The court monitors will call ONLY technical fouls. All other call are the responsibility of the players on the court.
  2. If players are not calling fouls, the court monitor has the authority to start calling fouls.
  3. Court monitors have absolute authority to control play on the court, including the right to “sit” a player for a period of time, and/or eject a player(s) from the tournament. Only questions concerning rule interpretation are appealable. NOTE: Even though it is not requires, the 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Committee suggests that the Court Monitor check with a committee member regarding ejection of a player from the tournament.
  4. Play will resume after disagreement or appeal has been settled, decisions are final. No further appeals will be allowed on the incident.


  1. Team captains will be notified when team packets are available for pick up.
  2. Liability waivers, injury release, and code of conduct must be signed and on file, before a player is eligible to play.
  3. The 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Committee does not discriminate based upon race, color, religion, creed, gender, national orgin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status.
  4. A player/team will be held responsible for any damages they cause while participating in this tournament.