Special Opportunities

This page is dedicated to all the special opportunities to give back through the Foundation to say, “Thank you!” to people who helped you or to help with special projects that are going on in and around our community.

Be Original Bracelets

be original braceletYou may have seen those cool Orange bracelets around town that say, “Be Original!”  This is a project from the mind of John Mandt Jr.  His challenge to people is to break out of the norm and be yourself.  The 5 Elements of Being Original are: Love Yourself, Help People, Eat Well, Be Active, and Keep Learning!  Find out more about this interesting campaign by reading our blog called, “Be Original!”

Order a Be Original Bracelet Today!

Zaine’s Room

Zaine Nelson's RoomThere is a special place in the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital called Zaine’s Room.  This is a special room for parents to get away, sit in a quiet room, read a book, and escape the Hospital and all the stresses of having a sick child.  The room is name after Zaine Nelson who died in 2004 due to a congenital heart defect.  To honor his birthday each September, we raise money to help improve Zaine’s Room and keep it stocked.  Give a special gift to Zaine’s Room and touch the life of a parent struggling with a sick child in the hospital.

Give a Special Gift to Zaine’s Room

Ethan’s Toy Box

Ethans Toy Box for Sick ChildrenWhen Ethan was 4, he was a very sick little boy.  He remembers being at the hospital and being scared and not having any toys.  Today, Ethan is almost 10.  Each year, he raises money to buy toys for the children who come to the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.  Now, you can help Ethan by giving a special gift to help buy toys for sick kids.

Ethan’s Toy Box Giving Opportunity

Gifts in Honor and MemoryIn Honor Of…

Has someone you know recently passed away?  Now you can give in their honor through the Foundation.  You can also give in honor of people because of their wedding, birthday, graduation, or simply because they provided you a great service while you stayed at the Hospital.

Give in Honor of Someone

Thank Your Nurse for Great CareThank a Nurse

When you are sick, having a great nurse is a special gift.  Give back in a special way to say, “Thank You” to that nurse that provided you great care while you visited your physician or stayed at the Hospital.

Thank Your Nurse with a Gift Today

Thank a Doctor

Say Thanks to Your DoctorSay a big “Thanks!” to your doctor with a gift to the Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation.  You choose what you want the gift to fund and we make it a point to the tell the doctor that you gave a special gift in their name.

Give a Special Gift to Thank Your Doctor