Employee Assistance Fund

Consider using part or all of your COVID19 Appreciation Bonus to help out fellow employees who are facing extreme financial situations. You can do this by donating online here or dropping a check or your bonus check off in the administration office on the 1st floor. A number of Cabell employees have asked that we set up a link so they can donate to the Employee Assistance Fund. Over the years this fund has been used to help co-workers who have lost everything in fires or who are facing serious medical issues or financial situations. The fund is managed by Cabell employees who take in and review the requests. Consider a gift today and know that – like all gifts that run through the Foundation – 100 percent of what you give will go directly to this fund. With the passage of the Cares Act, your donation will benefit you in your tax filings this year.

Use the credit card form below. If you would like to use your employee ID to give, please click here.

Employee Relief Fund

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