Author: Lauren Francis

Help us walk 5 Million Miles Together with Greater Huntington Walks
Join Greater Huntington Walks and Travel to the Moon
Greater Huntington Walks LogoDo you know how many steps it takes to get to the moon and back? By joining Greater Huntington Walks, you will learn that and join a movement that will be blasting off towards a healthier life. Join Greater Huntington Walks in our commitment to show the world that central Appalachia values health and wellness. Through this movement, we can create a more active culture within our community by building a healthier tomorrow for everyone involved. It will give us the opportunity to increase activity and encourage healthier lifestyles throughout the region. There are many reasons why people should get up and be more active. So, why not do it with us and the region? Every month, new walking paths will be released in various locations throughout the city. Through this event, participants have the chance to explore the place that they call home like never before. And not only that, but they will have the chance to do it with community members, neighbors, friends, and family. This is something that anyone and everyone can be a part of and join. Through the movement, participants will walk 238,900 miles, or 478,000,000 steps, to the moon together before the end of the year. With the Greater Huntington Walks Movement, the sky’s the limit. Participants can enter their steps manually, connect a pedometer, or convert an activity like swimming or dancing into steps through a walker tracker profile.

Greater Huntington Walks' first community walk will take place in Pullman Plaza on July 17th at 12pm. The two-block walk will start in front of Huntington's Kitchen.