All Aboard! The Artisans Express: It’s Time to Make the City an Art Exhibit!

Summer 2019 is going to be an exciting time in downtown Huntington with the unveiling of Cabell Huntington Hospital’s second Artisans Express event. Our first event of the project featured fiberglass trains that were designed by local artisans. These trains can still be found throughout Huntington where they are on display by the people who purchased them. The trains created a lot of buzz and excitement throughout the city. It was a wonderful investment for the community!

This time, we will continue the theme of Huntington as the city of River and Rails with tug boats. We recruited local artisans to design tug boats that will be displayed in Huntington. Soon, we will be placing these boats around the city as part of a temporary art exhibit. Our goal for this project is to make the city an arts destination as well as to raise money for the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital.

When Should You Expect to Start Seeing the Artisans’ Boats Around Town?

There will be a public event for the unveiling of the boats on June 2, 2019 as they will begin to be placed in their display areas. On June 15, 2019, there will be a gala where the boats will be auctioned off.  The boats will remain in their display locations until October 31, 2019. After that, they will be given to their owners.

The date of the unveiling is quickly approaching, and we are eagerly awaiting the reveal of the artists completed designs!

Artisans Express 2019